Blog #7

This will be my first time studying or doing an assignment with the focus being a photo. I am very excited to learn how to write a story in this manner because of the different avenue it has opened for me when deciding to write a story. I especially like the emotional aspect of it. When looking at examples of photo-journalistic stories, I found myself looking at certain photos for over five minutes each. The roller coaster ride that a photo can take you on is astonishing. I’ve been familiar with film for a number of years without ever being interested in photography, but after being exposed to this assignment, I can see myself someday practicing both arts.

For my Photo Journalism project I plan to tell the story that comes with this photo.


This is a photo of a bear wrapped in a “torture vest” that has spent their life enslaved in a bile farm in Asia for use in traditional Chinese Medicine.



Blog #4

For my first assignment, the interview, I decided to chat with Brandon Chandler about his business- what it offers and what makes it unique.  But before any of this, I made sure to visit his business’ website: to familiarize myself with his products, philosophy, community service, and reputation- basically anything and everything I could gather in regards to The Popsicle Parlour. I wanted to be familiar enough so that I didn’t have to ask him basic and boring questions, but rather thoughtful questions that only he could answer. So with my preparations, I was able to do just that.

As I stated above, I sat down and interviewed Brandon Chandler. Well… sort of. I was challenged with a busy schedule. Mr. Chandler was unable to meet with me in person because he has been occupied with the responsibilities of opening his 4th store, however, he was kind enough to offer an interview over email.

Interview Questions (Blog #3)

Popsicles in Orlando are quickly gaining a rep for packing a punch. If you’re not careful, these innocent, all-natural popsicles may leave you slurring your words as you ask for directions in Orlando’s downtown area. The popsicles made and sold at The Popsicle Parlour in the heart of downtown Orlando have been turning heads as they take the city by storm for adding a unique touch to an everyday treat.



  • Where did you go to college?
  • What was your first job out of college?
  • What’s different from The Pop Parlour’s popsicles than, say, popsicles from the supermarket, like Publix or Costco?
  • What is the popsicle-making process?
  • What does The Pop Parlour provide for the community?
  • How many popsicles do you make a week?
  • How many different flavors do you have? Do you rotate them on a weekly basis?
  • What is your vision for your organization five years from now?
  • How did you become familiar with making popsicles?
  • Are college students your main customers?

Interview assignment

For my first assignment, the interview, I plan to interview Brandon Chandler, the owner and manager of the Popsicle Parlor located in Orlando, Florida. Brandon founded the Popsicle Parlor in 2009 and operates three locations in Orlando. I want to interview Brandon because I really want to get to know the background of his small business. He has successfully put himself in a small market that has very little competitors and has managed to do so well to the point where he has been able to open multiple locations to dominate the Orlando area. I believe him to be an entrepreneur who has accomplished what many people hope to accomplish in their lifetime and I find that to be fascinating. Specific questions I may ask him are: How did you know you were ready to open your small business? Where did the idea of opening your own popsicle parlor come into play? What separates your store from your competitors? What do you think is the key to success?


Growing up I always had trouble with introductions. Fast forward to my 5th semester of college, and I still have trouble with introductions.

A little background about me:

I was born in the city, Bronx, NY to be exact, in the Jacobi Medical Center on April 12th, 1995. My parents moved my family down to Florida when I was 4 years old, seeking a better environment to raise my two older brothers and I (they figured we had a better chance becoming good kids living in the suburbs rather than the city). I can’t argue with that.

Since my brothers were significantly older than me (they were in middle school when we moved down), I didn’t spend much time with them and was hardly influenced by them. Instead, I learned a lot from my cousin and have her to thank for many of the interests I have today.

She was the first to introduce me to:

  • Sarcasm
  • Rock & Roll (tell me you like to listen to Queen and we’re instantly friends)
  • Reverse Psychology
  • Sublime
  • Books (she’s the first person I met who spent her free time reading)
  • Oscar Wilde

The list goes on…

Where my life has led me to today is partly her doing and I can not give an honest introduction of myself without mentioning her.

Miscellaneous things about me:

  • I’m a restaurant server
  • I’m competitive
  • I have a passion for video production
  • You can sway me with pizza

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